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Passionate Affair

Semi-darkness, sitting quietly. Luring me in. Effortless attraction. Unable to resist, I made myself to be let in. Past midnight. Ungodly hour. Just the two of us. Heavy breathing. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Losing control.

Ripped it off.

Held closer.

Intoxicated by its smell, I press on with my lips.

Wrapped my wet, moist tongue against it.

Gently clasped my jaws over, biting sensuously.

Ecstasy takes over.

I bite.

Impromptu Fantasie.

So smooth. So silky. Like dark brown eyes staring back at thee.

It goes down my throat.

Sinful indulgence.

Chocolate (say it like the French do).


Best Shots of 2010

Another year has passed, and I must say, it had been a very good one. Year 2010 had been one of the most stressful, most fun, and most defining moment of my life to date and I say, Alhamdulillah, for being able to cherish nearly every single moment of it. To sum up the past year, I have compiled some of  my favourite photos I took in 2010.

1. Best Mugshot : My Name is Sieau.

2. Best Camwhore : 1920s Shanghai.

3. Best Group Photo : Raya 2010

4. Best Editorial : The Little Iban and the Mountain (original cover), Alia House page for KTJ Annual Magazine

5. Best Scenery/Location : Bath Skyline in the snow, Oxford – Hollywell Manor.



Happy New Year to All!

One Morning in Oxford

I woke up before sunrise, checked Facebook, did my prayers, too lazy to shower, left toothbrush at home, somehow got dressed, face washed and feeling rather famished. My friend was still curled up in the duvet, so I nibbled on some Hobnobs while waiting for him to wake up.

He never did.

Not until about four hours later.

In the meantime, he lent his camera to me while I went to explore the place where he lived. I didn’t go far.

I just popped down to the common room downstairs and look what I found.

HOGWARTS! For a moment, I actually thought  the place has house elves (I was still half-asleep and hungry at that time). I promised myself to be good, so I didn’t touch any of those. Instead, I took pictures of them.

The piano was half-broken, but I thought it had a very nice Baroque touch to the keys. The piano pieces I found were technically demanding. Music speak : Chopin, Beethoven, Hadyn, Rachmaninoff. I found some of these composers best works in the pile of music books. And I went on ecstasy on discovering a Beethoven flute and violin/viola sonata! These type of pieces are reasonably hard to find, and to buy them from high end music stores is equivalent to two weeks worth of grocery (I’m a scrooge, I know).

I returned to the room to find the bloody engineer still in a fluffy ball of duvet. Made him wake up (which took much coaxing) and while he went to continue his slumber in the shower (he’s still not back yet as I’m writing this) I did a little photography from his window.

Cooped up.

Restless, I end up doing pseudo-ballet to Joe Hisaishi’s “Madness”. Even better would be imitating Taeyang’s super sexy moves in Big Bang’s Electric Love Tour 2010. The unbeatable would be my version of Wondergirls “Nobody”. I’m turning into mad chicken, cluck cluck.

I went out the other day to get some things, and the weather was simply broody. Grey and cold. For the time being, life’s best moment would be to sit next to the heater in a sarong, reminiscing the heat and humidity back home.

Can’t wait to board the train tomorrow heading for Oxford. Snow, thou can royally * toot! * out of my way. Looking forward to good food, good company, and get my studying mojo recharged while I’m there.

Oh, did I tell you that the person I’m crashing at for the weekend has this absolutely WICKED camera with equally WICKED lenses?

I am so going to get a shot out of that thing.

* Grins *

“Cluck cluck!”



I love to write and I take pride in my handwritings. Recently I have been sending postcards to several of my friends and this is what one of them commented, “…because the hand ..I would say that it can be one of the top encrypted languages which can easily rival any SSL protocol.” I really don’t know what you meant by that but thanks, I take it as a compliment anyway *grins*. A sample of my handwriting can be seen below.

Back in school, my teachers would always praise my work and say, “You have such a neat handwriting, you must be a very neat girl.” This would cause many of my girlfriends to break into fits of laughter because I am light years away from being neat. Just look at my hair, and you’ll get what I mean.

FYI: I never comb it, because I can’t, not without losing a significant amount of hair (not even the hairdressers can do it, except my mum I guess. She’s simply exceptional).

The story of my neat penmanship goes back to when I was a little kid. My mother would drill me on the writing exercises.  I remember having  a book with all the alphabets printed in dotted lines for you to trace and for quite some time, that was what I did everyday.  I was naturally left handed, but mummy insisted that I write with my right hand.

Asians are quite particular with which hands you use for eating and which hands you use for washing your *ahem-ahem*. Malays and Indians I know would normally use their right hands to eat and this is to show respect for the food you’re about to consume.

I guess it goes to show respect for knowledge to not use the hand you use to clean your behind to write down your lessons, which makes sense for me as true Muslims revere the value of knowledge and it (revering the value of knowledge)is written down in the Quran as well.

By saying this, I am not condemning the other half of the world who are left-handed.  I am simply pointing out the root of the culture of preferring the use of the right over the left hand. On both hands, there are people who are ambidextrous – people who are just as skilled with their right hands as with their left hands. Cheers!

Till the next post, au revoir!

When I’m bored on a Sunday

The weather was simply gorgeous last Sunday. However, I stayed in due to a neat pile of assignments waiting to be attended to. Just as I was about to rev up my Study! Gung Ho! mode, the university’s online student system had a glitch. I couldn’t log in – until later in the evening. So what did I do? Well, I cleaned up my room, did the laundry, and since the weather was just awesome, I hung it up to dry. Oh, and a whole lot of camwhoring to boot ;D

Yes, those are my pyjamas and my selipar jepun. Pyjamas from Primark, selipar jepun from halfway across the world. All the pictures are taken in and around the house I’m living in.

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I’m such a shutter bug.