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MambangNotes@TEDxKL [part 1]

TEDxKL took place at the Temple of Fine Arts on Saturday, a half-day event featuring a line-up of amazing achievers. We had Jo Kukathas and her Tudung Periuk, Myskin Ingawale with his eletron story, Kevin Jay and his “science of Comedy”, and Professor Ille Gebeshuber with her discoveries of iridescent little Avatar universe in our very own Malaysian rainforest, just to name a few.

Never mind the long wait in the queue before entering the event hall, the emcee I found annoying, and the attention seeking woman passing the souvenirs to be presented to the presenters at the end of the programme, there was so much to learn from everyone who presented their ideas on stage that day. The following are part of my notes from the day (there’s 5 pages in total) as I scribbled as much as I could in half-darkness without losing attention to the speakers:

Khairil Yusof proposed for an Open Content, Open Source, Open Government, that is to have the ruling government to make information and data on the projects they undertake, list of contractors, expenditures etc accessible to all Malaysians. He believes by doing this, corruption can be cut down as the people would know what the government has been spending on and to whom do they award project contracts and such.

In my opinion, there are things which has to be kept confidential and there are details which are okay to be released to the public. Every business will have its competitor and to keep its upper hand in the market there will be bits of information that it will have to keep to itself. There are contracts which deals with other governments (as in the case of O&G companies, they bid for “blocks” in other countries and are allowed to set up oil rigs etc by paying an agreed amount of royalty or shares blah blah blah). The world is rife with politics and this sensitises a fair amount of information. If you don’t follow this explanation, let me know. I’ll think of something to explain what I’m trying to say in a simpler manner.

Jo Kukathas was AMAZING. She impersonated Cik [somethingsomething] bin Tudung Periuk from the section of Lost, in the department of Lost and Found where her job is to lose things. She touched on how Malaysia has lost so much of its culture [ Mak Yong, wayang kulit etc] and its current attitude is that of rejection. One simply has to watch her in performance to take her message in whole. Part of her performance on how back in the zaman dahulu kala, Melaka’s reputation was such that “Whoever is lord of Malacca has his hand on the throat of Venice” ( Tomé Pires). She added  that now, “We do not have our hands around anyone’s throat. We only have on our own throats. Self-strangulation. Malaysia Boleh.”

Ok so until here’s Part 1. I need to sleep in a bit to be fresh for the 6-something train tomorrow morning. Will continue writing soon 🙂

Once the TEDxKL peeps have released the recorded videos of the event, go watch it. Every single one of it.