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Bath On Ice

Snow’s fun when its fresh, fluffy like cotton candy, white, pretty. Then it solidifies, turning the pavements and roads into a free-for-all ice rink. Pedestrians sliding and skidding, cars and buses losing grip on the icy hills, bendy buses and trailers jack-knifed causing gridlocks, and motorists abandon their cars on the road side continuing the traffic congestion the next day.


Observing the local traffic news reminds me of the KL scene during heaving rain and flooding, except that the cars have a lot less grip on the ice. It occurs to me that the drivers here are not very prepared to drive in wintry weather. Using the regular threaded tyres on slippery surface is one thing, there are plenty out there who did not clear the inches of snow from the top of their cars before driving out (crazy people).

The following pictures were taken during the first and second day of snow last week. I headed out for a bit in the morning, had fresh snow for breakfast, rolled around in the snow as morning workout before hitting the books again. Missing out on snowball fights SUCKS but flunking sucks harder hence the decision to stay in. I lost my wellies during the summer (don’t ask how or why), so in my trusty Converse I ventured out for groceries and penguin shuffled much to the amusement of passers-by.

7.30-ish a.m of the first day of snow. Lymore Gardens, Bath.


Discovered Narnia behind our backyard!


Frozen playground.


Frosty pathway.


Oldfield Park rail station.



P.S : Exams over! Weewooooo!


February Snow

I’ll put politics aside for the time being and enjoy the snow while it lasts. WordPress, bring back the snow theme please!

This is the view of the allotment behind my flat a couple of hours after it started snowing.

This picture was taken earlier this week.

Not too far off, about the same venue, at a different angle and climate, today.

I had my wellies on and held an umbrella in one hand while took pictures with the other. I lost the other side of my only pair of gloves quite sometime ago, so by the time I returned home (which was almost an hour later), they were frozen stiff.

There were even parent pushing their babies in prams at Victoria Park.

The note which has been stuck on this bench since autumn was still there, flowers and all.

Might venture out for more snow shots and may even roll a snow man tomorrow morning if the snow stays overnight.

Best Shots of 2010

Another year has passed, and I must say, it had been a very good one. Year 2010 had been one of the most stressful, most fun, and most defining moment of my life to date and I say, Alhamdulillah, for being able to cherish nearly every single moment of it. To sum up the past year, I have compiled some of  my favourite photos I took in 2010.

1. Best Mugshot : My Name is Sieau.

2. Best Camwhore : 1920s Shanghai.

3. Best Group Photo : Raya 2010

4. Best Editorial : The Little Iban and the Mountain (original cover), Alia House page for KTJ Annual Magazine

5. Best Scenery/Location : Bath Skyline in the snow, Oxford – Hollywell Manor.



Happy New Year to All!

One Morning in Oxford

I woke up before sunrise, checked Facebook, did my prayers, too lazy to shower, left toothbrush at home, somehow got dressed, face washed and feeling rather famished. My friend was still curled up in the duvet, so I nibbled on some Hobnobs while waiting for him to wake up.

He never did.

Not until about four hours later.

In the meantime, he lent his camera to me while I went to explore the place where he lived. I didn’t go far.

I just popped down to the common room downstairs and look what I found.

HOGWARTS! For a moment, I actually thought  the place has house elves (I was still half-asleep and hungry at that time). I promised myself to be good, so I didn’t touch any of those. Instead, I took pictures of them.

The piano was half-broken, but I thought it had a very nice Baroque touch to the keys. The piano pieces I found were technically demanding. Music speak : Chopin, Beethoven, Hadyn, Rachmaninoff. I found some of these composers best works in the pile of music books. And I went on ecstasy on discovering a Beethoven flute and violin/viola sonata! These type of pieces are reasonably hard to find, and to buy them from high end music stores is equivalent to two weeks worth of grocery (I’m a scrooge, I know).

I returned to the room to find the bloody engineer still in a fluffy ball of duvet. Made him wake up (which took much coaxing) and while he went to continue his slumber in the shower (he’s still not back yet as I’m writing this) I did a little photography from his window.

Farted by the Ox

Remember my last post When the Ox Farts? Okay. I think I’m getting my reward now and is royally farted at. Late bus, later train, switched trains twice, banged by a leather handbag, toes rolled over luggage, I have now arrived in Oxfartford. Why do the nice people always get the nice stuff? Because we’re awesome. A couple of minutes after getting out of the train station, a weird old loony had to bang me with his plastic bag. @%^£$%^*#!!!!!

Not all is less than good however, I met a nice young lady while on transit at Swindon, and we found our word of the day – Significant. Somehow, we started talking about the weather, and I was being sarcastic and said something about difficulty of walking in “significant amount of snow” and we started laughing.  Our conversation was peppered with the word “significant”  in almost every other sentence, and it was really fun talking to her. She is a second year medical student. I forgot which university she is studying at, but I remember her name, Anne. Or was it Anna?

I thought it was a really pleasant encounter, as not many strangers (who later becomes your friend) would listen to your aspirations to work in a chocolate factory with genuine interest, or laugh genuinely with you over a puny little things such as the word “significant”.

Significant encounter, indeed.

Cooped up.

Restless, I end up doing pseudo-ballet to Joe Hisaishi’s “Madness”. Even better would be imitating Taeyang’s super sexy moves in Big Bang’s Electric Love Tour 2010. The unbeatable would be my version of Wondergirls “Nobody”. I’m turning into mad chicken, cluck cluck.

I went out the other day to get some things, and the weather was simply broody. Grey and cold. For the time being, life’s best moment would be to sit next to the heater in a sarong, reminiscing the heat and humidity back home.

Can’t wait to board the train tomorrow heading for Oxford. Snow, thou can royally * toot! * out of my way. Looking forward to good food, good company, and get my studying mojo recharged while I’m there.

Oh, did I tell you that the person I’m crashing at for the weekend has this absolutely WICKED camera with equally WICKED lenses?

I am so going to get a shot out of that thing.

* Grins *

“Cluck cluck!”


Beautiful Day

I simply love the holidays. I explored the National Trust’s Bath Skyline walk with my girlfriends today, and it was beautiful. It was a long, looooongggg walk and I almost ended up as a giggling pile of snow at the bottom of the slope, but because I was in good company of people who have my back covered, all was well in my world (Ms Sarah Clingan)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We started from the university grounds, and went through a little pathway traversing a sheep and goat farm. We went through a wood, and everything was in monocolour; black and white and shades of gray. Only later did we see patches of blue and orange from the almost setting sun. It was beautiful. I woke up feeling *TOOT!* SNOW and then I’m hey, its not so bad afterall. Only good friends are capable of doing this.

I did a good job of falling in the snow, and allowing my inertia to take control of me as I ran down the hilly slopes. No arms broken, no legs sprained. All parts intact. Next time, I’ll get myself a sled. I had to walk like a penguin several times to keep my balance. My shoes were thoroughly soaked through at the end of the journey, but the view was worth it. I have just bought a pair of wellies and I can’t wait to test them out tomorrow. I might go back to that place again.

It’s gorgeous, and I think I’m in love.

Ploughing the Snow in My Canvas Shoes

I hate the snow. Yes, they are pretty, you can make snowmen and start snowball wars, but it simply causes a lot of problems! I can deal with fresh snow, but when it starts to melt and you have a nice, thin layer of ice on the pavement. . . ROARRR!!!! It takes me forever to walk from point A to point B! Anyway, I cheered myself up with a steaming mug of hot coffee, buttered toast and sunny side up and made my way out. Destination : University of Bath.

The pavements were slippery and the road covered with slush. There were already several people in line as I arrive at the bus stop.

While waiting (for the bus which never came), two children and their mother built a little snowman atop a rubbish bin. For some reason the bus never stopped at the usual bus stop which I go to (which I found out later), so I had to walk to the next one which was about 200 meters away (and the others who were waiting followed suit).

I arrived at the university later than the appointed time. Punishment – three versus one snowball fight.

Initially, all I wanted to do was to pass a friend a Christmas card before she flies off and copy a few lecture notes, but I ended up getting invited to explore Bath’s countryside.

It was beautiful.

It had just snowed the night before, and I had my canvas shoes on. Yes, I’m nuts. As I’ve always been. Cautions to the winds! I am in good company of people who have my back covered.

At the end of the day, as I sit down by the heater slurping warmed M&S’s Butternut Squash soup, I wonder, just how long is Britain going to prove itself incompetent in coping with snow. One by one, my friends’ Facebook statuses mention delayed travel plans, cancelled flights and rerouted journeys. I do also notice that even with sufficient amount of snow to cause half a dozen people to slip and fall at any given hour, motorist are still speeding through the roads, as if oblivious of the danger ahead. I pray hope all my friends who are travelling arrive at their destinations safe and sound.

Take care!