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Tuesday was labs in the morning, shop for ingredients in the afternoon, baked dozens of chocolate cupcakes on return, ran out of icing towards evening, travelled with a huge box of cupcakes on two buses up to university, Chinese dance practice, and was completely knocked myself out on the sofa for a few minutes when everything was (almost done), got up and showered, checked on my team, got pissed at a few people, tried to go to sleep but anxiety caught up (managed to sleep later).

Next morning was another rush up to campus with another big box full of cupcakes, made the effort to attend Madlab lecture (got there just on time, so went into class with the excess baggage), rushed to put down the cupcakes and top the remaining ones, got pissed off at a few more people, and spent a couple hours selling cupcakes. Went home, wanted to sit down to do my lab report but brain was just too exhausted.

I am very, very upset that I keep getting the load of a group project on my back.

Just because I have more free slots on my schedule does not mean my academic workload is less than yours.

Just because I make things seem easy does not mean you should add to my list of things to be done.

This is my 4th year of taking up proper project works. No, not the academic type. I have done several event managements, one volunteering programme, staged productions, and now I’m doing a social enterprise project.

The first event I did was back in Mantin during my sixth form. Nearly screwed up my A-levels.

The volunteering programme was alright. I had a great team to work with.

The one time I wrote, directed, and choreographed a dance for a play and at the same period trying to organise a massive event and getting a student society running I flopped my second year.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. I’m in my second, second year.

I don’t make a fuss out of it and try to keep it from the first years because so far the ones that I’ve mentioned about my repeating second year immediately had this shocked open mouth + extra-large round eyes and a tinge of fear respond and started worrying if things are going to be equally shit for them.

I wanted to drop this social enterprise project I’m currently on as its beginning to feel like how I felt during the year I flopped. The bulk of the work is on me, expectations are high, and team experience low. Doesn’t help that group discussions are on social networking sites. I’ve been meaning to be less frequent online and spend more time facing my study materials. I’m already sheets behind on problem classes.

I’m beginning to envy the students who are actually making most of their time studying and since they are less tied up to student societies’ committee responsibilities they can spend their weekend chilling out to celebrate the end of a productive week.

My priority this year is to gain a solid first class to make up for the extra year of paying tuition fees. The digits on the payment receipt for the fees earlier this semester haunts me every time I take on extra work that doesn’t count towards my degree.


When the money runs out, its game over.