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Projek Kalsom 17

I daresay my involvement in Projek Kalsom 17 (PK17) had been accidental. I have long known about it, but never had the intention of joining. In fact, I was not even supposed to be back home this year. They way I ended up joining Projek Kalsom can be described as tripping over a rope, rolling down the hill and ending up in a pool of super epic fun stuff!

I met Hannah, the Director of PK17,  during one of UKEC’s general meetings in London. We had a brief introduction and chatted for a while. I had to resist pinching her cheeks because I thought she was super cute. Haha!

Not long after, I was asked if I would like to be Production Manager for PK17’s pilot documentary trailer which Khairul ( a.k.a Abang Korea) will be directing. I knew him from high school and found it interesting so I took up the job. I was then inducted into the Publicity Team.

The first couple of months was mostly about developing and expanding ideas. The first challenge was promoting Projek Kalsom at the Career’s Fair in UCL earlier this year and filming the pilot documentary trailer during the event. That was when I first met Sasya as well.

Once the documentary trailer was out, I literally spammed the newsfeed with it. The trailer was submitted for the Digi Wwwwow Awards. Last seen the trailer video was in the top 25. We didn’t win but it certainly bought a degree of exposure to PK17.

It took me a tonne of PK17 preparation work to receive the epiphany of actually coming down to Malaysia to take part in the real thing. After many weeks of persuading mummy, she agreed to buy me a flight ticket home. *SCORE!!!!*

Over the duration of PK17 I was bouncing around as part of the productions manager, keeping tab on Khairul’s work, committee, and facilitator. I confess to being super exhausted but I had good fun with everyone involved.

Thank you all for the good times!




Zorro’s Secret Cupcakes

I’m very proud of the group I mentored over the course of five days of Projek Kalsom. Min, Zulfah, Faty, Wani, Sya, Nizam and Raja. Group 10 – Zorro. For the business challenge game, they had to come up with a product, its production and marketing plans using a given budget of RM100,000. After much brainstorming, the group agreed to use Min’s idea of a bakery. Thus, Zorro’s Secret Cupcakes was born.

The idea was to produce cupcakes which looks good and tastes good, and far exceeds the level of Secret Recipe. The theme given was youth, and the group stood out with their simple cupcake product instead of high-tech electronic items many other groups came up with.

During the induction on the first day, I made everyone in my group draw a map of their education to career path. Nizam and Sya wants to be Syariah Lawyers, Zulfah aims to be a lecturer, Faty dreams of becoming a pilot, Min has ambitions of starting an international line of bakery. When we started asking questions on how to proceed with Zorro’s Secret Cupcakes, she impressed the group with her detailed knowledge in baking.

The kids were a dynamic bunch. My facilitator partner, Top and myself helped by guiding them to organise their ideas and brushing up their English. The group’s idea became a hit among the crowd and had many people asking questions. The members of the group who initally spoke minimal English did spectacularly during the presentation. Zorro’s Secret Cupcakes won the hearts of the judges and received first prize.

Well done to all of you!

Kita Zorro, macam hero! Pantang cabar, kita rempuh! Go, go go go, Zorro!