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Originally intended to keep my internship stint with PETRONAS quiet until I’m through but since people kept asking the same questions over and over and over and over again, I’ll write it down here.

I commute daily from Seremban to KL Sentral by KTM, and from KL Sentral to the PETRONAS Twin Towers where I’m based at. I leave the house latest by 6.05am, it takes approximately an hour and a half to reach KL Sentral and approximately 20 minutes from KL Sentral to KLCC. My average travel time to work and back is about four hours per day. Yes, it is tiring. After a month of this I gained the ability to snooze within 10mins of sitting down on the train and waking up just before I reach my destination. The first few weeks felt horrible (I fell ill twice in a month). Eventually my body conditioned to it.

I started my internship with PETRONAS mid-June and due to finish mid-Sept. The nature of the internship is non-technical and about 60% of my work is based around graphics design – I get to produce posters, web banners, and related promotional materials for internal staff events to be put up in the office pantry and the company’s intranet. I do my work mostly on GIMP (as they do not seem to have a provision to get an intern a license for Photoshop and Illustrator) and occasionally on Photoshop and, or Illustrator when I get to use a computer equipped with one of those or both. The rest of the 40% is running around helping out on events (again, all of this is for staff members and invited guests), putting up posters, writing out reports, drawing up presentations/graphs/charts/articles.

The nature of my work may seem to have almost zero relevance to the course I’m doing (Chemical Engineering) but it builds on my soft skills and opens my eyes to a lot of things. I benefit from being able to attend sharing sessions and classes on things such as Natural Gas Pricing, Cost Containment, and Wax Removal Systems. There’s also the fortnightly lunchtime lectures by Dato’ Dr Fatimah Az-zahra which I try to attend whenever I could.

Apart from the fasting month, there’s food everywhere. Snacks served during meetings, complimentary Nasi Lemak after Friday Tazkirah sessions, lunch packs for events ending or starting between 12noon-2pm, and the neverending supply of nibbles in the office. There’s also a convenience store in the lower ground of the twin towers which sells lunch packs for RM7.50 (there and about) for a set of rice and three (or two) side dishes. In the first week I manage to satisfy my cravings for keli masak cili, sayur lemak cili api and hati ayam masak kicap. You’ll find a queue before 9am (they sell all sorts of Nasi Lemak, mihun goreng, mee goreng, kuih, pau, etc) and during lunch time consisting mostly of PETRONAS staffs and people working in the various offices in the twin towers.

So far, so good I guess. The remaining weeks are going to be pretty busy with the annual Raya Decoration competition coming up and a departmental Raya Open Day so I’ll be having fun pimping up the office and assisting in the preparations for the Open Day before I fly back to the UK in less than a month.