About The Mambang

Gosh, writing about yourself really is no pixie.  Here’s the second version I’m writing.

I’m a Chemical Engineering undergraduate at the University of Bath.

I “love” Physical Chemistry.

Mambang means pixie, fairy, imp or any other cute magical creature. It is a nickname bestowed to me by a good friend of mine.

I’m a pro at cam-whoring (it means taking pictures of yourself).

I like to do editing stuff and I use GIMP because it’s free!

I lived with four other guys (no worries, their really nice and awesome people – don’t ask about hygiene)

I get sugar high quite easily, and I’ll be your bestfriend in a snap if you offer me free chocolates xD


6 thoughts on “About The Mambang

    1. provided the bar isn’t spiked or expired, yes I would actually be your friend. and it goes both ways really. If I were to offer you one of my home-made cupcakes you’d be declaring me your ‘best friend’ in no time ;D

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