The Bathroom Singer Goes Live and Other Stories

Last Saturday was BAMSA Night for the 2012/13 academic year. After sorting out the Chinese dancers in the last week of practice I volunteered to help out with Dikir Barat in which I became Tukang Karut. Yay for a first!

It was nerve-wrecking as singing traditional Malay songs aren’t my forte and I had to sing on upbeats. Miss the cue, mess the whole ensemble. I was still unsure which key to sing on and  during the tech rehearsal I couldn’t project my voice properly and was drowned out by the percussions. I did quite alright despite a 0.1 second facepalm onstage during the actual performance when I sang the wrong lyrics.

The following are some pictures taken during a full dress rehearsal using a borrowed Canon EOS 600D, kit lens. I don’t know if anybody took pictures during the actual performance, we’ll wait and see.

Indian dance led by Chareeyan.




Chinese dance was choreographed by yours truly. Song was Wang Leehom’s Mei. I must have listened to the song hundreds of time and dancing/singing everywhere (bus stop, toilet, walking to lectures, library) while thinking of the steps. As usual, since proper practice rooms are scarce on campus, we were practicing at various building foyers after lecture hours. The ICIA exhibition space at 3WN, down at the Maths’ department at 4E, or the spacious lower ground floor of East Building.



There was better audience appreciation this time compared to the previous fan dance/break dance mash up. I learnt that if you’re going to try a new dance combination, the dancers have to be very good to pull it off. For this dance I used basic steps and formation (we only had a month to get it done) although for some parts were a little tricky. Half of them had almost never danced before.


I really appreciate that they turn up for practices diligently and the only male in the group really did his best to give a good performance. He was so stiff during the first few practices xD


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