Notts So Autumn

It was the annual Nottingham Malaysian Games again and this year I came to play Batu Seremban. Lost in the quarterfinals and then ventured out for food which turned out to be a long, long time queuing. Gave up the prospect of standing in a stagnant line and went around meeting up with friends and a bit of frisbee.


The Malaysian Pancake Company was the most efficient stall around. There was a constantly long queue with the addition of customers but the line was kept moving with hot apam balik continuously being served. Encik Shahrel’s stall have expanded so much since the last year from 12 apam balik pans to (I’m guessing) 24 with 4/5 staffs as compared to just him and a student helper the previous year.

Apam Balik boss!

I heard of students queuing up for 2 hours to buy ayam percik. I gave it a miss as I couldn’t be bothered to stand for ages outside just for food. I visited another stall to say hi to my ex-classmates who were manning the stall and got nasi lemak instead.

The ladies prayer room turned social area in the evening when I went to do my prayers. It was so so noisy I muttered “Ya Allah, bisingnya” shortly before doing my prayers. People, have respect lah. There’s a long notice at the entrance reminding visitors the basic etiquette to observe when visiting places of worship. Nottingham campus is huge. Go fucking find another place to gossip please. God must have heard my laments as halfway through my prayer people started leaving. Still had to tell a group of people to hush before my second prayer though.

After my prayer two girls came in. I was a little unsure which direction to take to head to the sports centre and as one of them wore a Nottingham t-shirt I asked if they will be heading there so I can come with them. They haven’t had dinner so I waited with them and had a conversation.

God must love me as they had ayam percik and offered me some (I hardly ever resist free food). They got it complimentary from the makcik who were trying to clear the leftovers after the food stalls were closed (double wahooo!) and when I saw the size of a single serving, I think I know why they took ages to prepare.

Ayam percik long line theory : A single serving was a quarter roast chicken with rice. A quarter roast chicken takes approximately an hour to cook in a convection/electric oven. Possibly slightly more if cooked over coal outdoors. This would be fine if serving people in a restaurant where customers may come in at intervals. Logistical nightmare when you’re confronted with dozens of hungry students all coming in at the same time, also buying for their hungry friends.

[imagine ayampercik.jpg]


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