Rants on the First of Syawal

Aidilfitri celebration was so-so. Collection amount was pretty decent. I do feel a little tired from entertaining people all day long. I didn’t go anywhere apart from my atuk’s house. I had my fair share of pulut and rendang.

Nobody asked me when I will be getting married (thank God!) but several people jumped to conclusions when I posted up a picture of myself and my grandfather and I was wearing a headscarf in that shot. Made it clear that I have no intention yet to be fully covered and dashed hopes.

Repeated myself over and over again that I travel from Seremban to KL from Mondays to Fridays and that I work as an intern from Mondays to Fridays, therefore Mondays to Fridays are out of bounds for me to ‘lepak’ (hang out) unless prior arrangements have been made to sort out transport and, or sleepovers as it is VERY draining for me to inconvenience myself for the sake of hanging out. I travel daily by KTM and average total journey time is 4 hours in a day. Weekends are the short windows I have to zone out/reset/recharge/chill before I dive into the crazy weekdays.

Repeated myself over and over again that I will be repeating my second year. I failed 3 papers, one of which is a 12 credit whole year’s module. The examination board did not let me resit the failed papers, instead offered me to repeat the whole year, which means everything in second year over again, which I accepted.




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