A Mambang Tall Story – Week 1

Once upon a couple hundred metres up in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, Mambang reports in for the first day of internship.  The address and the exterior of the building is glamorous, pass the lobby, the security, and the bizarre elevators it was like any other average office in KL. The square cubicles, clutter of discarded printed materials next to the printer, mementos arranged on desks and on narrow cubicle dividers, and most peculiar were the collections of key chains from places the owners have travelled before pinned in series on each personal board.

All the lost hours of image editing and graphic rendering in the past year were compensated within the first week. The moment work starts rolling, it’s a massive roll like some oversized bun attempting to stuff itself down your throat. Edit, edit, edit, review, review, review, edit, edit, edit….  End of first week and user ID to access the computer terminals have yet to be issued. Coped with work on charity of other people’s access.

Next incoming editing and graphic design works may have to be done with GIMP on the personal laptop (until I get my access and Photoshop installed on the computer I’m assigned to). At least that eliminates having to worry about missing fonts or continuously shifting workspace in search of an available machine with Photoshop installed.

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