I need to learn how to take things easy. Getting agitated over little things will take me nowhere. Right now feels almost like how I felt before my exams which ended not too long ago. The anxiety, the stress, and the massive amount of work to be done feels too similar except the assignment is not the sit-in-exam-hall-with-pen-and-paper type.

The problem with me when things become rather overwhelming is that I lapse into a period of procrastination. The act of procrastination then leads to more stress as the workload piles up and I have to rush to do so many things in the last minute. More often than not when this happens, Murphy’s Law kicks in and plans start falling apart like collapsing Jenga blocks.

There’s still laundry hanging to dry, clothes strewn across the bed, waiting to be folded and packed into my mid-sized luggage. Hopefully everything can fit without getting over the weight limit. Or that the weight indicator gets stuck at the maximum luggage allowance so I get away with it :p

The HR office of the company I’m supposed to be doing my internship with has yet to come back to me with the details. Tentative start date is on Thursday morning and I touch down the night before. My mind would be more at ease if I know the details in advance so I can plot a rough idea of how to get through the day after a long haul flight. If under any circumstances should they turn me down in the last minute, I would prefer to be informed now. There are so many pending plans and decisions which rely on the timing arrangements of the internship.

Receiving a notification shortly before the closing time of the Student Service center of the university to come collect a letter from UKBA today simply upped my frustration levels. My student visa has been “accidentally curtailed” a few weeks ago, so I need that letter for a smooth re-entry back into UK. I’ll have to pop over to the campus to say hello and get the letter from the Student Service center, return home, bring myself and the luggage over to train station. I sincerely hope that I do not have to apply for a new visa. I absolutely loath the conditions of the application center and had such a nightmare doing my applications a few years back. Super kanasai.

I hope tomorrow will go well. It’s difficult to feel excited about finally going home when you’re stressed about so many things.

I need to take things easy.



Looking on the bright side, I was treated to aeropress filter coffee and almond croissant breakfast and sushi dinner (separately by two different people) today and met up with a lot of friends and had fun the past couple of weeks. From the unexpected dinner date after a scenic walk down Bathwick Hill from university, getting kicked out of a pub for looking too young and not having valid I.D to verify age, swearing out loud in the cinema watching The Dictator because I got too grossed out by 60% of the scenes, indoor tea party because it rained during the Jubilee which stretched for 12 hours (I got home at past 4am), to taking my visiting friends a walk along the canal on a surprisingly lovely couple hours of summer (before it returned to the wet, gloomy, English weather), I should take time to count my blessings everyday.


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