Last Leg

I like that my food cooks more quickly in this warm weather compared to during the cold spells when the induction hob would take forever to heat up. The only downside is the kitchen can become really stuffy when the oven is turned on. Ever since the temperature went up the time I spent in the kitchen has been decreasing. Either an easy tuna mayo sandwich/pasta or a quick fry of an egg (or two) with toast.

The first three papers have been a horror. I just hope the last two (one which I had today) would do justice to the overall average. I hope I gave none of my lecturers palpitations with my extremely poor work in Process Control, Dynamics, and Modelling – it originally was two separate module; Math and Process Dynamics, combined into one – double horror. The best bit would be I finally understood all that shenanigans AFTER all the coursework have been submitted. I really want to master MATLAB, there’s so much application in the chemical engineering sector (which I recently found out :p ) and there’s a good demand for engineers who are really good at it.

My writing mojo is slowly coming back after a period of absence. I read Jon Morrow’s review on Stephen King’s  On Writing and realised that my writer’s block is probably due to the lack of reading. Yes, I do read on a daily basis but hey, miu, rho, pi, alpha, and the numbers and unknowns do not add to one’s vocabulary. Instead of procrastinating watching random short clips online or trawling across social networks, it would have been better for me to indulge in the Dickens I bought last summer and still untouched.

Having writer’s block was awful, and this time was the longest I have experienced. I love writing and it has always been one of the things I feel I am really good at, so when I was asked to write short stories for children for a couple of projects and my words wouldn’t flow – I wanted to bury myself six tweets under, crawl under my duvet, and never come out again until the storyteller in my head talks to me again (I’m still sane, writers simply have a quantum which ‘talks’ to them).

I really need to gather all available willpower to get through the last paper on Wednesday. People tend to make the assumption I’m really exam-smart as I usually appear very composed during, before, and after exams. Many people miss the manic expressions when I do my revision alone, or during the exams as I normally sit somewhere towards the back and the others would be so focused on filling up their answer sheets they forget the world. Many times over I want to FLIP THE DAMN TABLE, and fling that approximately 2.5kg reference book out of the window, and make a bonfire out of my stack of notes.

I probably should start playing DoTA, or better still Diablo III. It’ll be so much fun to unleash all that frustration on the demon/monsters/enemies in the virtual world. First, I’ll need a proper machine. Use the current one and it will melt in no time. Can’t wait to be back home. Then I can tweak the home PC for edutainment purposes.

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