Productivity of the Non-academic Kind

Today I took a stroll in the sun, did my groceries, renewed my library book loan, cooked lunch, and baked brownies.

Revision = nil.

A little writing assignment (non-academic related, this is an external project) = nil.

Giving room for a little positivity, perhaps the 24-hour break would do some good.

The recipe for the brownie is adapated from Chasing Delicious, instead of 4oz (approximately 113g) of dark chocolate I used 200g (a whole bar) of Sainsbury’s dark chocolate for cooking and decorating and tapped whatever remnants inside my package of Green and Black’s cocoa into a bowl of decadent chocolate concoction which is then poured into a cake tin and sprinkled with leftover chopped nuts. Mmmmmnnmmm. . . .

This was while it was still warm out of the oven. Shiny, gooey, chocolate indulgence. Mmmmnmmhhh.

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