Cat Off My Chest

Imagine a humongous furry being stuck on your chest refusing to get off as you try to get on daily life normally with furs smothering your every orifice on your head and claws sinking into your shirt as it attempts to resist gravity when you stand up. Imagine doing work every single day of the year with that humongous being stuck on your chest.

2011/2012 have been a wonderful year of keeping my head up with that humongous being stuck on my chest while treading water in the calmest of the seas. I did a crash course on organising food parties in the last minute while coping with multiple deadlines, proposal writing while my neurons were being deep-fried in preparations for and the end of year exams, almost an entire summer worth of effort gone down the drain because of undue circumstances from left, right, front, back, above, and below, my first time to playwright through dozens of writers block and trying not to mess it up with technical reports, sacrificing precious times planning and leading rehearsals instead of brushing up my Matlab skills, and potentially screwing up my chances of landing a job after graduation by forgoing three company offers for summer internship and a careers fair combined with deteriorating academic performance.

I failed to keep the main thing the main thing.

I did not listen to advice.

I should have slept less.

I should have cared less.

I regret not going all out from the top.

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