Lights, Camera, Action!

The following pictures were meant to accompany a post last year titled Ealing Studios. The pictures are as they are unless my friend, the director of the film-shooting happened to have processed them post-production while the memory card was with him. I only got round to getting the pictures earlier in February when we met up in London. Could’ve done it earlier, but then again, why do you think I’m the CEO of Penggoyang Kaki Profesional?

The following images are just previews. I took a total of over 400 shots and still thinking of a way to sort them out so the readers will get a coherent set of pictures instead of utter randomness.

I’ve been driven to sheer levels of exhaustion lately. Juggling lab reports, courseworks, and directing an amateur theater production is working me to about 80% of my full capacity, if I say so myself. The remaining 20% is reserved for body recuperation. I find myself falling ill every now and then when I don’t get enough sleep. Second year has probably been the most miserable yet the best part of my life to this second. I shall continue to LIVE. LIFE. TO THE FULLEST.





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