December Delirium

Sun. Sleet. Snow. Rain.  The weather have simply been fantastic the past couple of weeks. The following is a little photo diary of the day I handed in my last coursework of the term, the same day several of my friends had their graduation, the first time I got caught in a hail, and a little infatuation with a bookstore after lunch.

After days of frustration, zoning out, head-desk-ing, I finally managed to put down some decent answers onto about half of the blank sections of the coursework sheet where you are supposed to write down the answers. I’ve got to thank some of my coursemates for clarifying bits and pieces here and there. Not sure if I can scrape a pass for this one, but I felt a bit of an idiot for using so much time for a piece of work which constitutes 15% of the total module. I was in panic 48 hours before hand-in because I mistook the paper to account for 50% of the total module – for which I would already be in deep shit. MATLAB just isn’t my thing. Yet. Although I somewhat get the drift of the way it works after I’ve submitted my work. *Toot* of a lecturer just had to jump in into forward and backward Euler and Runge Kutta after a couple of introductory lectures. Not a very good way of getting your students enthusiastic about a tool with endless possibilities.

I got home just before it hailed and took a shower (I did the roll out of bed- brush teeth-wash face-pull on jeans-slip hoodie over pyjama top-rush to catch bus-hand in assignment. Walked all the way home from university to soak in the nice sun pictured in the first photograph). Arrived at the Bath Assembly Rooms about 15 minutes or so before the graduation ceremony for the people I came for ended. I wanted to get flower bouquets but they were rather expensive (for my budget at least. Unless £25 for a medium-sized, hand tied bouquet is the standard). Maybe because the florists knew the graduation ceremony was taking place on the day.

Went for lunch at Wagamama after that and had Yasai Yaki Soba which tasted almost Mi Mamak after I drizzled chilli oil all over. I miss those late night hangouts.

Popped over to Toppings and Company Bookstore to find myself in


I’m a girl who reads and I love books. No, not books about love, I hardly read love stories but I do like fiction. I should make time for a bit of Dickens over the Christmas break – several books I bought during the summer was left untouched thanks to the pile of work which needed to be done during the term.

I was caught in the hail on my way home, and it was not fun. I was wearing flats and it hurt slightly when the little spheres of ice found its way into my shoes. The pieces of hail also melt several seconds on contact with your clothes, so by the time I got home, my jeans was soaked. The weather was cold. So not cool.

Been sporting my ‘Phua Chu Kang’ boots a.k.a Wellington boots after that. Everytime I had them on, the weather stopped raining and the sun started shining. It made me wonder if I read the forecast wrong. The times when I forget my umbrella and I’m wearing my canvas shoes will be the time when it pours and find myself showered.

Next time I’ll bring a little bottle of body shampoo in my pocket.

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