Car Boot Adventures

I found these little vintage gems while scouring a car boot sale last Sunday somewhere in Cheddar. A little something for my grandfather. I hope he’ll love it! 🙂

The first set is a collection of black and white pictures of places in Nice, France.

I wish souvenir letter cards like these are still produced. Maybe I should design and print my own someday.

A “Traveltime Foldbook” depicting Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

Carboot sales are where one man’s junk can be another man’s treasure. Probably the only places which you can find everything in one place. When I say everything, I mean everything from polished mirrors to foggy ones with a tiny crack in a corner, fresh fruits to expired biscuits, cashmere scarves to used cosmetics.

I bought one of these for a friend ^.^ too cute I couldn’t resist!

If I had a bit more cash I would have bought the froggy watch.

Comic books and video games!

I was tinkering on a piano in one of the shop lots when the shop-owner asked if I took requests. I said sure, why not, and he asked me to play a tune on the piano. I may have played the piano since the age of four and passed six graded practical examinations, but if you’ve been off the keys for almost a year, your playing is bound to be rusty. Anyway, I played one of the three pieces I knew by heart and rendered (what I thought to be) a pretty good version of Fur Elise.

I got a job offer as a pianist afterwards.

The shop-assistant asked if they could hire me for the coming week to play on their piano. Woohoo! Would have loved loved LOVED to take up the job if only the place was in Bath.

I love pianos and I love to perform, despite my über-laziness to practice. Every time I see a piano somewhere you’re bound to find my itchy fingers on it if there’s nothing or no one stopping me. Hotels, museums, music shops, anywhere, any time. I’ve been told off by hotel managers and security guards, and I remembered once a music shop owner handed me a form to be filled in once I’ve fulfilled the required qualifications to return to the shop and work as a music teacher.

Haha! Horror, horror to the kids who sign up for my classes!

Apart from the picture cards, I bought two sets of vintage jigsaw puzzles for myself. Both at half of the prize written on the box. Hurrah hurrah! I bought it because I loved the illustration on the box. Those days, illustrations were hand-drawn before being sent for printing. There was no Photoshop and no tablets, just ink and paper.

I bought the picture cards for a total of 60p and the two sets of jigsaw puzzles for exactly £2.25.

I’m a happy camper! xD


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