Thank God I kick-started the day with a good serving of breakfast and wonderful company at one of my favourite place in UK. The remaining daylight hours was a downhill physiological ride and my psychological state was in the red all the way home, until I received a call from a friend which cheered me up slightly.

I may be 19, but I’m dealing with grown-up matters 90% of the time now. I have very little time for childish behaviour or temperament and I do not appreciate people depreciating my desperate attempt to make these people see the cup has half full, not half empty. This isn’t a situation where the optimist builds the plane, the pessimist comes up with the parachute. I’m trying to convince these people things will work, that it will be a win-win situation with proper design.

Many people think it is easy to do the things I do. Life’s a stage, and like any other really good performers do, we make the difficult look effortless.

When I say I cannot do something, it means I have exhausted or nearly exhausted all means and resources to get that thing done.  When I say the body or organisation that I’m working with or collaborating with is a professional body or organisation, it means I’m doing serious business. Altering any arrangements which have been done or undergoing planning means having to deal with the highest level of hierarchy of the body or organisation I’m working with.

And these people don’t have time for kids’ play.

These people may not be well known as they keep a very low profile, but people in the know would know not to mess with them.


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