Happy Days

The past couple of weeks have been very hectic as I try to juggle between lectures, labs, a part-time job and meetings (yes, proper meetings which involves having serious discussions and making decisions which will have an impact of the lives of selected people around me).

Today however, I had my chance to relax for a bit. I developed a sore throat about three days ago which I tried to counter by eating gelato everyday (epic self-justification, haha!) and today woke up with my nose running everywhere, literally dripping with liquid snot and almost had to plug the relevant orifice with tissue before any organic stuff drips over my computer as I try to do some work.

Second year have been okay so far except for the MATLAB bits which drives me up the wall and my rather rusty lab report writing skills. I’ve been increasingly going walking home alone in the wee hours of the night (or morning) which I should probably stop doing. Maybe it would be better if I reschedule all that hard work to about six in the morning. It would be safer and more productive.

The above picture was taken at almost midnight, walking home in the rain. The umbrella was kindly lent. I keep finding myself caught in a pour without my umbrella when I own FIVE umbrellas. Murphy’s Law has a fetish for me. -__-”

My group won a business pitch to set up a day shop selling Malaysian cuisine in Bath sometime in November. It was pretty intense preparation the couple of nights before the pitch but all that paid off! Awesome stuff, team! I prepared several samples of roti bakar (toast with butter and coconut-custard spread) to offer the panel of judges we were pitching to and they love it. Can’t help noticing three of the judges momentarily staring at each other for the last piece of sample.

I know the butter pieces look thick, but this one was for own consumption.

It’s almost a month now I’ve been working part-time as a publicity assistant for ICIA. The job involves handing out flyers on campus and mundane ones like stuffing 300 envelopes but hey, I may be an engineering student I’m very, very passionate about art. Click on the thumbnails below to check out the two pages I drew for Projek Kalsom 17’s booklet.

The wide array of things I do and the amount of time needed to be spent in order to get things done really well is definitely draining, but I love the satisfaction you get at the end of it when you start seeing results. The challenges can sometimes be painful and the setbacks real, but that is what makes life worth living.


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