First Week Ends

This could probably be the last leisure weekend I get for the rest of the term. After a meeting with my team (we’re working on a big project and will word out very, very soon) I headed to the smaller Sainsbury’s to buy some bread, only to detour when I was halfway home because I forgot to buy toilet rolls, so headed to the Sainsbury’s at Green Park for that and voila! Stumbled upon a food festival!

I loved how the cakes looked in mini-loaves.

I sampled a lemon Turkish delight (not pictured here) and I felt like flying straight to Istanbul and learn to make one of those.

The sun is making shorter appearances these days and the weather is a massive twenty degrees difference than the short spell of summer we had last week. Was bedridden last Thursday but gradually recovered, Alhamdulillah. To (hopefully) mark off a lovely weekend, I bought two tickets to a musical showing at the theatre on campus only to have a communication error with a girl friend I initially asked and the other first years ( because I thought they might be the free-est bunch of people across the years) I knew were busy doing last minute work so I had to go alone 😦

I quickly got bored of the love theme in the musical, but the cast did a great job considering it was put together in just about four weeks. It was Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida – a story of forbidden love in an Egyption setting.

Ang moh tak pandai gelek dengan lagu padang pasir.

I managed to get my hands on an engineering book from the library before it gets falls into the hands of some over-enthusiastic first years only to find it was a 7-day loan instead of the usual 28-day loan. The book had always been absent from the shelves most of the time in my first year.

Oh well, I might just get my own copy. In the meantime, I’ll deprive of a fresher of a much needed book. NYAHAHAHA! XD


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