Indian Summer

Truffles made, cinnamon rolls baked, rendang shared and finished as Year 2 looms closer and closer. I did well in my first year despite the frequent escapades to London or Oxford and the hours for procrastinating, but second year is no mean feat. I. Must. Do. Well.

No. Excuses.

The stress is not so much the amount of work, but more towards the concern that I have to maintain everything up to the level of achievement I have reached so far. Right now it feels like juggling glass spheres. I love the adrenaline rush and the sense of urgency, but I will miss the summer days when I could literally just do nothing and soak up every photon of the warm solar rays, bumming around in a park somewhere.

Toy Story 3 was screened outdoors at Victoria Park (just behind my flat) today and despite being so bloody exhausted, I whipped up a quick bowl of soba noodles with watercress and mango and found myself walking in semi-darkness, porcelain bowl in hand, dressed in pyjamas heading for the outdoor cinema.

And forgetting to bring the camera.

I didn’t stay long . Halfway through and my eyes started drooping and I began to be rather concious of a huge dog sitting about three feet away sniffing his surroundings. I didn’t want to get run over by the furry beast, regardless of how cute it is.

The night view of Bath from Victoria Park was lovely. I wish I have a USB port attached to my brain so I could upload the image here. The crescent moon hovering above the roof of houses was almost fairy tale.

I have been saying a lot of au revoir  the past couple of weeks. Time flies. It felt as if it was just yesterday I met these friends. At the same time, I have been welcoming a whole bunch of new people into my world. Bittersweet, but that’s a fact of life.

Wishing everyone starting or returning to university all the best and an excellent academic year ahead!  🙂

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