Avebury Stone Circles

To the uninitiated, Stonehenge is only directly accessible during the Summer and Winter Solstices when modern day druids, pagans and Wiccans will stay overnight to watch sunset and, or sunrise on the longest and the shortest day of the year. If you would like to skip the £7.20 entrance fee (unless you’re a member of the National Trust), touch the smaller version of the stones albeit the haphazardly arrangements but larger in number, visit the Avebury Stone Circles.

Modern day druids, pagans, Wiccans, spiritualists, New Age Tribe believes this place has a ‘different kind of energy’ compared to Stonehenge and in this picture I think they were trying to harness the energy to rid illness or impurities within the body/soul.

The flower petals were most probably placed by people who came for prayers or worship.

The place where the stones are, is also the grazing area for sheep. Hence there are a lot of. . .

The place was literally a poop-field.

Let it not detract you from the beauty of the place. Put me in a field of stones and I’ll start running around to touch every single one of them. I counted and touched forty-seven stones.

The day my friend and I visited the place was probably the last few days of summer because since then it had been gloomy and rainy.

 Getting here : We took the train to Swindon from Bath Spa, and took bus 49 from the bus station.

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