Two weeks or so before Aidilfitri I tried making macaroons in an attempt to do a kuih raya, western version. The end result tasted like mini chocolate cake, sans the look of  a macaroon. Here’s where I got it wrong.

I should have beaten the egg whites a little longer.. I stopped when it formed peaks but was still sliding around my bowl when the almond meal was folded in.

I should have used a gel/powder colouring instead of the normal liquid ones. I put in a few drops of red, hoping to make pink coloured macaroons. This batch turned out white.

Was tempted to tip the remaining cocoa powder in the can into the bowl, but figured this should be enough.

Was lazy to get my piping bag (and to wash it later), so used a spoon to place the batter onto the baking sheets.

The oven at my current place has a mind of its own. Just because you turn the knob perfectly to 150 degrees Celcius doesn’t mean the temperature is. Burnt the first batch by about three minutes because I was on Facebook chat. Second batch turned out “perfect”, the third was under-baked.

Overall, the taste did come out nicely and would have been sinful if I had made the chocolate ganache filling. Didn’t take them out for Aidilfitri however, so I ate them myself.

Om nom nom nom.

Blissful secret of the amateur chef. 😉

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