Of Packed Lunches and Long Walks

A Londoner friend came over to Bath for a few days. Having expressed her desires to explore the less touristy areas, I took her to the Prior Park, Bath Locks and a modified route of the Bath Skyline walk.

I made pancakes for breakfast, served with canned peaches and honey. Packed fried rice and several chocolate muffins for lunch.

From Royal Avenue through Victoria Park (close to where I live) we made our way to the train station and collected train tickets to Avebury for the next day. Went through the back and over the bridge and walked all the way to Prior Park Landscape Gardens (for the less enthusiastic walkers, take bus no.1 from the Bus Station).

Next up was the Bath Locks. My friend found it fascinating to see how the locks work, and I tried to give a fair explanation of it while we stopped by and watched a narrowboat going through it.

And then we reached Bathwick Hill, went up about 50 metres or so and disappeared between two rows of houses and into the Skyline walking path.

We took a short cut across my university and sneaked her into my department before moving towards Sham Castle. Didn’t take a picture of the ‘castle’ but this was taken at Sham Castle Lane on our way down.

Reached Bathwick Hill where we started the Skyline walk, we continued walking along the  canal taking the long way home.

We were lucky to have good weather on the day, otherwise the path would have been wet and muddy. We traveled to Avebury the next day to see the Avebury stone circles. Again we were blessed with fine sunny weather. Alhamdulillah! 😀 Keep thou eyes peeled for updates.

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