Aidilfitri Postcard for Atuk, London-style!

Today I got caught in the rain on Oxford Street on the way to Selfridges, ending up buying my fifth umbrella. This time it is a proper one (not the fold up version) with a nice wooden handle and a sturdy frame.

I wanted to get a set of pretty postcards I spotted at the stationary section of the high-end departmental store I saw the last time I was there, but to no avail. After getting in the second time (I went out, only to find it raining even more heavily, stepped back in and then bought the umbrella) I took a peek into Cath Kidson and found a nice set of postcards.

The cashier asked if it was a gift (it wasn’t) and if I would like to have it wrapped, I said yes and had them nicely bundled up.

It was tropical monsoon in London as I made my way to the post-office to get the stamps. Thank goodness for the large coverage of my brand new brolly, only the hems of my pants became slightly damp by the time I got back, but the paper bag containing my purchase was soaked. My purchase was unharmed though, thank God!

I pray hope the postcard reaches my grandfather in time, Godspeed!

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