Disappearing Summer

Since late July to early August the window has been left open almost 24/7. Yesterday however, I have kept the windows closed at least half the day due to heavy rain and today my room felt like a refrigerator. I have been wearing socks and a sweater in my room. In the middle of what’s supposed to be the hottest season of the year. On the positive side, I don’t feel as exhausted walking around town in the cool weather as opposed to having the sun beaming brightly at the top of your head. This I find myself grateful for.

There were quite a few happenings in Bath just the day before the English weather made its comeback. There was a music festival at Victoria Park, I saw a group of people kayaking on the Avon, and a hockey match going on at the university.

Hot-air balloons take-off not too far away from the back of my flat.

A shot from the corner of the entrance of the Roman Bath at the city centre.

I have been on the lookout for part-time jobs around town and saw a little notice outside Ted Baker’s quoted “No Ordinary Part-time Worker Needed”. I took haste to return to my flat, crafted out a simple but appealing (I hope it appealed to the manager) CV, printed it out, dressed a little more immaculately than usual, pop on a hint of make-up and dropped-by the store to hand in my CV. It has been a couple of days since then and I’m hoping to receive a positive reply soon.

*Crosses fingers*

Wish me luck!


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