Infiltrating Cambridge

Despite the portmanteau, Oxbridge, it is quite a hassle to get to Oxford from Cambridge and vice-versa. One has to board the train from Cambridge to London King’s Cross, take the Circle or Hammersmith line to London Paddington before boarding another train to Oxford. It is so much easier to get to Oxford from Bath which you just have to take the train to Didcot Parkway, get off, take a few steps across to the next platform, and a remaining 20 minutes ride to Oxford.

Mummy finally got her wish to tour Cambridge. We put up at one of her ex-classmate’s apartment whom mummy reunited with after decades apart (with squeals of joy everybody within a 50m radius of the rail station was within earshot). This was my first trip to Cambridge too as most of the time I had no particular reason to go there (I do have friends studying in Cambridge, but nobody ever offered to let me crash at their place and rail fares could be almost as expensive as travelling to London from Bath #sadface).

We walked about a fair bit on the day of our arrival and saved on the entrance fee into St.John by coming in through the back. The weather was perfect for a stroll.


Went round the Open Market and the Arts and Crafts Market.

Our hostess made us dinner 🙂

The next day we were joined by our hostess’ other half who brought us for lunch at Trinity, visited several other colleges and gave interesting insights on their history.


Rulebreaker classic rule #1 – do the opposite of what is told.

Our hostess’ other half is a Fellow at Trinity hence why we could get through the porter. Another fun fact of the day – not a student, not a Doctorate, not a staff nor a lecturer can walk on the neatly trimmed green carpets in the squares of the many colleges in Cambridge except a Fellow

….and the lawn mowers. I wouldn’t mind being a lawn-mower in Trinity College. Then I can boast having the privilege of treading on the grass only remarkable academicians are allowed on.

Woosta, lawn mowers!

This was where Isaac Newton did his experiment to calculate the speed of sound. When you clap your hands in this hallway an echo will occur. Mr. Newton hit two sticks together and calculated the time it takes for the reflection of the sound to reach him.  Simply brilliant.


2 thoughts on “Infiltrating Cambridge

  1. wait, that’s where they shot some of the scenes for Harry Potter right??? =D It just seems way too familiar! But nway, can’t believe you’re already back in England. Tak miss ke??

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