Bee Me – Portobello, London

I was down with fever and a very upset stomach the day before I flew off to London. Recovered just in time for a 12 hour, non-stop journey across the continents but was slightly discoloured not too soon after touchdown. I had been (and still am) carrying packets of tissue with myself everywhere I went and couldn’t help sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose every now and then. Mummy and I were taking her friend along Portobello Road when I saw Bee Me and conveniently dragged them along for a much needed treat, which wasn’t devastating to my digestive system nor my very sore throat.

Bee Me is a frozen yoghurt bar very much similar to Snog, but had the extra topping option of liquid toppings to choose from – Italian caramel, honey, and Rocher chocolate. I would have asked for a triple those of the third if not for the sore throat. Mummy and her friend had a fruity mix of berries while I had a single topping of mini oreos.

On the menu you have natural, chocolate or mango passionfruit frozen yoghurt to choose from. You could have in on its own, in a cup with or without toppings, or order waffles topped with the frozen yoghurt, or have it layered with a series of fruits, cereals, nuts or chocolates as a parfait, blended with your choice of toppings into a smoothie. If frozen yoghurt doesn’t appeal to you they do serve freshly-made fruit juices and the usual fare of tea and coffee.

The interior gave a very homey, cosy feeling decorated with earthly colours and fluffy little cushions. I preferred the atmosphere there compared to the Snog I went somewhere central London which was surrounded by adult entertainment shops, nightclubs, bars and the like.

The weather was gorgeous in London when we arrived and mummy’s friend could not resist taking pictures of flowers. Her headscarf prettily matches the colour of the flowers, don’t they?


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