The Well Rehearsed Story

I must have repeated myself over and over again when I tell my friends I’ll only be back from the 4th-24th July. The summer break extends up until early October but I’m only back every so briefly. The story is as follows;

Mummy never intended for me to go back this year. So, last year she booked a flight ticket to UK on the 24th July to go on a holiday for over two weeks. I was so enthusiastic to join Projek Kalsom, I begged my mum to buy me a flight ticket home which initially she was reluctant to do. Since my grandfather’s health appears to be deteriorating, she thought it would be good for me to return even if it is just for a short while.

The catch – I am to come with her when she flies to UK.

I could have flown home earlier, but I wanted to wait until I’ve moved all my possessions to my new place of tenancy. I disliked the idea of shifting everything into a temporary storage and then having to shift them from the storage to my new place. Besides, there were many things to be settled before moving out of my previous accommodation.

Although I am back only for a short while, the limited time I had has been well spent. I helped mummy with several of her projects, my grandfather was happy to see me, I gained so much experience during Projek Kalsom and I got to meet up with several close friends of mine. Not to forget the vast smorgasbord of local delicacy I get to savour!

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