Murphy’s Law in Constant Motion

I seem to have this affinity of leaving behind belongings, misplacing valuables, missing buses and trains and forgetting to do important things at the most crucial times. I had to use my reserved savings to pay my rent before leaving for home, broke the legs on my luggage, and flew 6557 miles without a single currency of the destination I’m heading to.

Last Monday, I was due to arrive 10am at Sg Udang, Melaka, but I woke up at 10am. Apparently my mother had tried to wake me up several times before that, I never did. I  brushed my teeth, threw everything into my bag, pulled on my jeans, stuffed my belongings into the car. Just before my mum was about to drive off, I realised I forgot my socks. Mummy got into the house to get them.

400 meters later, I remembered my contact lens solution was running out. The first mini-mart I entered didn’t stock them. The 7-11 next door ran out of them, so we had to drive across town to the pharmacy to get them.

Just as mummy was about to drive into the highway, I saw that I’ve forgotten my towel. We drove home and I dashed into the house and grabbed my towel and a set of materials I had to bring which I left on the dining table.

I finally reached my destination an hour and a half later than promised. Such is the inertia of Murphy’s Law in me.

From Bath>>London>>Kuala Lumpur>>Melaka.

I think a Mambang constant needs to be introduced  😉

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