Do you clean your belly-button?

I was randomly scratching my belly while half-awake and tried to scratch my nose using the same finger. I was jolted to my consciousness by the stench and rushed straight into the shower to clean myself.

So, do all these pro-Bersih supporters think they are really clean? There are many points to be ascertained in lieu with the drama in KL yesterday. First, which loving parent would take their child to a large congregation of adults with heavy political agenda? And out of the thousands who took part in the rally, how many were actually familiar with the eight demands of Bersih?

The belly-button is one of the most neglected parts of the body and most take for granted the lack of infection happening there considering the amount of dirt and dust which remains for years. Do most people bother to clean it? I doubt, apart from those who wear belly-rings which have to keep the piercing clean. It doesn’t matter how much soap you lather on your body, unless you go straight into the belly, the impurities will still be there.

Same goes for Bersih. No matter how many people you bring out on the streets, if the participants do not understand the original intention of it, it is a failure. The aim was to demand changes to the electoral system. 5 points to the Bersih organisers for coming up with the demands. Minus 5 points for the rally participants, and in fact, a large chunk of the rakyat who missed the points of Bersih.

Readers, ask yourself. Do you know what the eight demands are? If you only know it roughly, look it up and read through.

Since Bersih have already specified the demands, and have ‘experienced’ politicians supporting their cause, go straight to the right people in the right departments to bring up your suggestions.

Say they wanted the database of the voters to be purged of phantoms. They wanted indelible ink introduced in voting. Increased efficiency for postal voting. Shouldn’t they just have approached the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SRP)? I don’t understand why they needed to pass the demands directly to the Agung.

I find demands numbered 6-8 too general. “Strengthen public institutions”. “Stop corruption”. “Stop dirty politics”. Seriously, if there are well qualified lawyers supporting Bersih, get them to go into details with all these points. Do you ask for more funding for public institutions? Do you ask for some regulations to be amended? Additional clauses into the existing acts?

I found most disappointing was Najib merrily gracing the starting of the new MRT in KL just the day before the Bersih rally. It was so fake how he was admiring the token of appreciation given to him towards the end of the ground breaking ceremony.Major facepalm moment in front of the idiot box.

Recommended to use cotton bud tips soaked in baby oil to gently remove the impurities trapped in the belly button. Be careful not to be overenthusiastic because the skin layer at that particular section is very thin. Happy cleaning! xD

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