Jet lagged

I slept without a hitch the first evening I landed. Spent most of the next day window shopping with mummy and catching up with acquaintances. I was confident my body would have adjusted to the local time zone. The day after required the ever so familiar shrill call from my mother bugging me to wake up at intervals between 2-3pm.

I woke up, showered, did my prayers and somewhat faced my computer screen in confused stupor. I knew I had something to be done but it wouldn’t surface in my mind what it was. I must have scrolled over many random things online for sometime before getting started on the tasks I was supposed to do.

I would probably have just remained in my tee and sarong had my mother not hurried me to get dressed for her Toastmaster’s meeting that evening. Managed to catch up with a long lost friend and later yum cha-ed the night away with some excellent company.

Got home around 2am, rolled around the bed sleepless, decided it was boring so I returned online and typed this out. Apart from the disrupted sleep cycle, it feels good to be back. So good that I managed a least two and a half naans in one sitting and half the can of kaya in one breakfast.

It’s got to be a good life 🙂

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