New Home : Settling In

Thanks to several very, very helpful people I managed to finish moving all my belongings into my new home within a few hours. I really love the new place. My window overlooks Victoria Park and later that evening I saw a hot air balloon taking off less than a hundred meters away.To top it off I had dinner of the best Chicken Rice in Bath over at a friend’s place and stayed over for Monopoly and etc.

I only returned to my flat just before 6.00am this morning and effectively slept until noon. I had Vanilla Chai for brunch which I ‘inherited’ from the previous tenant who left it behind with some Green and Black’s hot chocolate. Jackpot!

Currently there is no internet connection at my place and it will only be fixed on the 21st later this month. The times when I’m online will be whenever I visit the university library, mooching off a friend’ wi-fi or at a café.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve had a good start. Now just waiting for my deposit from the previous place to be returned and a certain bill payment refund to be banked into my account.

Insya-Allah, all will be well. 🙂


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