The Hour Long Discussion

“Very interesting read. I am curious to know what that hour-long discussion was about, more specifically. Do you think you could muster up the courage to give us the main points of that discussion, or were those memories wiped out by hours of studying for exams? If so, it’s probably not very important.

Either, thanks for the story, it definitely reminded me not to laze about, which is as yet my biggest flaw.”

In response to the above reader’s comment on Something About Talent, I tried my best to recover as much details as I could from the crevices of my memory.

As representatives of a governement linked company, it would be ordinary to expect from them the standard – Malaysian students abroad must come back and serve the country – statements. One of them who were present is also the CEO of Talent Corp which is established to combat the “brain drain” phenomenon in Malaysia to entice high flying Malaysian graduates to work with the companies and industries in Malaysia.

However, personally these guys are in favour of Malaysian students remaining abroad for a few years (depending on what type of career you are heading towards, as a few years in one field will seem like a blink of an eye in another) to allow the student to mature as an individual and gain experience in the desired field of work.

And then I remembered somebody waving his arms in the air as if to draw a graph, demonstrating the growth of an individual marking the height of development to stagnancy and I forgot what else. I clearly remembered every single one of them said something to answer to my question, but I really can’t recall exactly what has been said.

If any of the attendees of the event is reading is this, please do help with my memory jog. Unless someone would like to enter my subconscious and extract the memory of the events of that day.

I remembered it happened in the JCR, Balliol. I remembered most of the faces of the people I met. I remembered we were served tea, coffee and juice. There were pastries as well. There wasn’t much mobile phone reception at the corner where I sat. I remembered going to Nando’s afterwards. I seem to remember more things about food than anything, do I?


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