I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to Good

The decision to overnight in Oxford was a spontaneous one. I only wanted to attend the Prime Minister’s speech at the Sheldonian, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet up with the corporate celebrities so off I packed a backpack full of lecture notes, past year exam questions, a battered copy of Felder and Rosseau, calculator and all. Not to forget a tray of home-made Tiramisu for the generous hostess for the evening and black dress and a pair of heels (which I ended up not wearing, I wore my flats instead) for the next day’s events.

Had dinner at Balliol’s dining hall where the food reminisced of the days in Mantin. No offence because I noticed many similarities except Mantin’s dining hall do not have potraits of past heads on the wall. Instead, there were beautiful students’ drawings and paintings.

Headed to Wolfson where I was to stay for the night. Since the hostess has yet to return, my friend and I crashed at my friend’s place for a while before he and his companion schemed to lock me up in the library.

Despite sounding like torture, I found myself enjoying it because there was no loud “speakers”, the other human being on the same floor was at the far away from where I sat, I didn’t have my laptop with me so I couldn’t Facebook, I was at an unfamiliar place so no-one came to my desk to say hi or ranting exam stress, my mp3 player ran out of battery so I wasn’t jumping on the chair to k-pop, j-pop or whatever music it plays. I literally faced the book for a solid one hour and a half or so before my friend called me out as my hostess has finally returned. Yay to productive revision!

Woke up the next morning, headed to Balliol and then over to Cowley to Nando’s with two lovely people I’ve befriended and joined by an ex-classmate of mine whom I have not met for ages. One of the girl I met at the event remembered meeting me at the visa application centre last year. I was duly impressed by her memory as she could recall my telling her of the problem I encountered during the application.

Afterwards, I met another friend and sat down for coffee while waiting for the doors to open at the Sheldonian for the Prime Minister of Malaysia’s speech. At the Sheldonian, I bumped into an ex-Head Girl from Mantin from what seems to be years ago. That was another lovely encounter of the day. After the event, as they were no other nearby alternatives, we took to secretly using the Old Common Room in Balliol to let her pray. My friend, who took the key on the pretext of looking for a missing item was rather anxious all the while as he told the key-keeper/guard he would only be in for 5 minutes as there was a booking made for that particular room in a short while.

All the while I was laughing at him for being afraid of breaking rules. My friend, the ex-Head Girl, was recalling how I had been the Drill Queen back in the boarding house for rule breaking on a daily basis. Well, I was placed in the house with the strictest rules, how could I resist?

Returned to Wolfson that evening, and my hostess prepared one of the best “Kampung” Fried Rice in the whole of UK I’ve ever tasted complete with a sunny side up and a chicken quarter. Had an intriguing conversation with her friend ranging from Tate Modern exhibits to faith.

He almost had me rolling-on-the-floor-laughing when he asked me as I was just about to pray, “insya-Allah or insya-Darwin?”He studies a Biolgy related field, can’t remember exactly what it was. The reason why I wanted to laugh so hard was because he reminded me of Biology lessons back in Mantin, where there was the endless debate regarding Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (I’m pretty sure I won the argument, although my teacher refused to admit. Haha.)

Then I took the train back to Bath and spent the rest of the night in the library doing some serious revision. I persevered until dawn, slept for half an hour and continued. Had a good dose of caffein once the café opened and an almost croissant and a banana to fuel me the next couple of hours. By then, I was a little worried about collapsing halfway through the three hour paper, but I survived! Thank God.

I went back home that afternoon and passed out the moment my head hit the pillow. Woke up to realising it was really the next day and that I had slept with my contact lenses on.  Now, that is what you call an awesome day.

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