Breaking the Hiatus

Exams are over! I am done with first year and currently enjoying some leisure me time and catching up with friends. My apologies for the dearth of updates. I’ve been trying to refrain myself from internet due to my penchant to check Facebook notifications every five minutes, and once I start writing, I rarely stop until about 2 hours later – both of which I identifed as Major Revision Distraction. However, the attempts were meekly successful as all the pent up words formed high frequency status updates on the social networking site. Much to the ‘like’-ings of my fellow friends.

Another reason for the lack of updates was also that my camera has gone cuckoo and I shudder at the thought of barren posts. Since I have yet to purchase a new camera this post will still be barren, my apologies again. My procrastination abilities baffles me as I intended to get a new camera a few months ago, but kept telling myself “I’ll get it tomorrow” or “ week” which winded up to more than a month still not getting one. I’ve been mulling over the decision to buy an SLR or a compact camera. I’m within means of getting the former, but that would leave me with just enough to last the month eating pasta with canned tomatoes and only tap water to drink. I’m still contemplating whether to get a new compact camera now or to give myself a couple of months to save up for an SLR. Oh well…

I’m not going to complain about my exams, because second year is going to be double the fun. On the average, I have been out and about more often during my revision week and exam period than any other weeks/month of previous terms. Revision aside, I was having fun in Oxford the couple of days right up to my first paper and later during the breaks in between exams, giving tours around the beautiful city of Bath. I even managed a Tiramisu the morning before an exam I was sitting in the afternoon for a dinner party I attended on the night itself.

Thank God I did not end up in Oxford, because I’m pretty sure if some pretty concerned adults knew what I’ve been up to, I would be grounded in the library every single day (sans internet access), and not let out but to sleep and eat. Full story will be disclosed in a separate post.

The beginning of my summer holidays were occupied by lunch dates, hairdressing, supper parties, baking, and more baking, streaming online television series, et cetera. Earlier this afternoon I have been to a Fringe Arts Bath exhibition which featured some very interesting, and some very bizarre so called “artworks”. Then I had cream tea with scones (accompanied by proper clotted cream and strawberry jam) at a quaint café overlooking the Avon. Now landed myself in the university library to do some serious work (I solemnly swear that I am up to good).

More updates coming soon, and wishing everybody a pleasant summer break!

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