Strictly Hits Bath!

There were some hot acts on the dance floor tonight as Strictly Hits Bath! Reps of sports teams – hockey, rugby, football, kickboxing, to name a few – were paired up with ‘professional’ dancers from the Latin and Ballroom ala the original Strictly and were given three weeks to prepare a given piece from a selection of Cha Cha, Quickstep, Tango, Rumba, and Jive.

Here are some measly photos of the night’s show taken with my humble point-and-shoot Nikon. It is events like these which makes me desire for a one of those bad ass super-zoom-lens-high-res-high-shutterspeed digital SLRs.

The event was organised by the Sports Eds as a charity fundraiser. There was a really good turn out – largely attended by members of the various sporting teams. For £3 it was definitely a worthwhile entertainment and it was brilliant to see how much dedication they gave into putting the show together. Great job guys!

Watching all the participants giving their best feet forward sparks a little something in me to put on my dancing shoes again. Boy, it has been a while. It’s time to trim those thighs and crack the abs, babeyh!

Look out people. Somebody might just hit the dancefloor in due time.


“Dancing; the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music” George Bernard Shaw


One thought on “Strictly Hits Bath!

  1. You’ve been absent from the blogosphere in quite some time. I haven’t visited this blog in what feels like ages. Anyway, hope all is well in Bath! =D

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