I was in London on Sunday to meet up with several people I’m working with for Projek Kalsom. This trip had almost completely shed off my identity as an engineering student and the fact that I study in Bath. In the morning I was told I looked like an art student. Later at noon I was learning about boom poles, shot gun microphones, and how it differs from omni-directional microphones. Towards the end of the day, a number of people thought I have been studying in London for many years.

A careers fair organised by UKEC was held at UCL and Projek Kalsom was given the opportunity to set up booth. A fair number of people stopped by and there was quite a list of names and email on the interest list. Hannah (the girl in the dress) is the director of this project and Khairul (the dude in grey) is the person behind the trailer/documentary production for it.

We managed to get a handful of students interviewed about their views on the Malaysian education system and their experience on Projek Kalsom.

All in all, it was a really good trip. I even had a girl from my university who attended the fair recognising me as the evil stepmother in the recent BAMSA Night. Epic. Now I feel like a celebrity LOL!

The fair had been a good opportunity to sell myself to the various company representatives present, but I wasn’t really focused on that bit. I felt so detached from my engineering self, not to mention having fun helping out with the booth and my friend who conducted the interview I couldn’t be bothered. Besides, most of the representatives were mostly from the business or public relations department and I can’t talk membrane structure or energy balance with them!

However I found out that one of my ‘dream’ job ā€“ to hold the ping pong bat lookalike guiding air planes on the tarmac ā€“ are part of the airline companies, not the airport. And that a single wafer of silicon chips costs RM400. The remainder of the time I was happily collecting pens and freebies and a huge pad of sticky notes from Astro which costed me a dirty look from one of their girls (I had squeezed through a crowd of people, reached hand out, grabbed it, gave a cheeky grin and disappeared with my prize MUAHAHA).

Not bad for a Sunday in London, right?


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