RAG is a fund-raising group which organises various events and activities to raise funds for charity. This event was part of RAG week and profits from the Fashion Show goes to Sue Ryder Care.

Wednesday, 16th March – The event was held at the Bath Assembly Hall. It was full house and everybody was dressed to the nines. I actually wore heels and gave myself a good pat on the back for having successfully walked up the steep gradient towards the venue (Bath is rather hilly if you ask me). Considering I’m hopeless in these vanity shoes, it was an achievement to have not tripped over, not even once, throughout the night. Pretty impressive eh? HAHA.

The models on the runway were students from the University of Bath. Taking into account they weren’t professionals, they did a reasonably good job showcasing the clothes which were sponsored by upmarket stores in and around Bath. They had designer outfits from Ted Baker, Warehouse, Kurt Geiger, Karen Millen, Republic and the likes, just to name a few.

As a VIP ticket holder, I had a seat right before the runway, which was awesome! The night would have been double if not triple the awesomeness if I had one of those bad ass DSLRs to take pictures with. The faithful camera of mine decided to have random fits throughout the night but I still manage to get some pictures nevertheless.

The models showcased lingerie as well. When the girls walked out, the DJ played ‘Fever’ (the old version, I don’t know who the singer is) and they strutted their stuff in slow motion. Exothermic. The room temperature must have risen by a few degrees.

I received a complimentary Lip Blush in Dark Blonde, a massive can of Elnett Satin hair spray both from L’oreal Paris and a whole host of redeemable vouchers. Loving the lip colour as it matches closely with my natural lip colour. Now I can do the Rosmah with all that aerosol in the can. HAHA! Bouffant pouffe anyone?

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