BAMSA Night!

Part contributor to my blogging absence was due to relentless rehearsals and time taken to memorise lines for the play. Each year, Malaysian Societies in universities all over UK will organise a Malaysian Night at their respective universities. In the case of University of Bath, it’s called Bath Area Malaysia and Singaporean Association.

If there is such an award, I would have probably won the title of ‘Mak Cik of the Year’. I was given the role of the evil stepmother in the performed play, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah on the 18th March at the Art Lecture Theatre on campus. Looking back at the pictures taken during performance, I was rather afraid of looking at myself. It looked like I was radiating absolute meanness and this comment have been echoed by several other friends as well. Oh well, call it convincing acting.

I hijacked a few people’s camera for the following pictures. These were taken during rehearsals. Taken by yours truly 😉

Credits to Fau for her directions, May for the makeup, Fiona who keeps reminding me of practices, the choreographers, co-ordinators and everybody in the production – you guys were AWESOME!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the event, and everyone who attended! It was great to know the audience enjoyed the show. That’s the best satisfaction one can have doing performing arts. I won’t lie. The stress, the frustration, the anticipation. I enjoyed every single bit of it.

2 thoughts on “BAMSA Night!

    1. Thanks for the compliment ^,^
      I’m gonna save up for my own DSLR one day.
      As for myself, I felt great performing. The audience were an enthusiastic bunch – so it was quite fun for the performers too! My non-Malaysian friends whom I invited to the show really enjoyed it. They really liked all the Malay, Chinese and Bollywood dances. Malaysia FTW! 😉

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