The Awesome Bus Driver

Shivering like a cold, wet, cat on a rainy day, I was running late for the 5.13pm train to London. I was a the bus stop waiting for the bus which has missed its schedule. A few minutes later, a lady with a child in a perambulator joined my waiting under the miserable shelter of the bus stop.

“The bus is late again,” I sighed.

“I know!”she exclaimed. “It’s hardly ever on time isn’t it?”

I smiled and chuckled, “And I’ve got a train to catch at quarter past five.”

“Where to?”


“Oh, do you normally live there?” She enquired.

“Na-ah. Just going there for the weekend. I’m studying at the Uni of Bath.”

“Will you be staying with your family or relative?”

“Nope. Staying over at a friend’s. I’m from Malaysia.”

Once on the bus, the lady had a merry conversation with the bus driver. When the driver also mentioned he was going to London for the weekend, she excitedly told the driver to hurry up and that I must be on time for my quarter-to-five train, “Ignore anybody else on the road! She needs to get there!”

It was fun! Fortunately there were nobody else on any of the bus stops along the way so it was a smooth ride until the city centre. Then, there was the dreaded traffic congestion. It is common in Bath to have congestions on Friday evenings as that is when many people would be driving back home or somewhere, and one of the main highways passes right through the middle of Bath. Hence the Friday evening traffic nightmare.

He let me off in the midst of halted vehicles (bus drivers are not suppose to alight their passengers elsewhere apart from designated stops) and before I got off, I handed the lady and the driver two little bars of chocolate each (I carry a little bit of nutrition with me wherever I go). I managed to get to the train station eight minutes before departure – Hurrah!

Arrived at Paddington an hour and a half later and a new adventure unfolds…

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