I woke up early and left my friend’s place for a nice long stroll in Hyde Park. Met this over nutritioned squirell which thought I was nuts. It went so close to me when I was taking pictures of it! Or perhaps it was being vain. Congratulations Mr/Miss Squirrell. You got featured in my blog.

I purchased myself another Oyster card – just in case – but opted to walk along Oxford Street to feast my eyes on the window display. I got stopped by a lady who asked how to get to Selfridges, and kindly pointed her in right way.

I fancied mille-fuille for breakfast, so I headed for Pattisserie Valerie at Torrington Place. You might think it is a long walk, it is indeed. But the energy expanded would be replaced by the calories of the delicious breakfast I’m looking forward to.

I came half-hour before the opening time, but the manager let me sit down while I enjoy the free one hour internet and fiddle with my laptop. The connection wasn’t so good, so I turned wireless off and worked on my writings. Fun facts about me – my office is where my laptop and my mobile phone is coupled with free wireless internet connection.

Sad to say, the Mille-fuille from Pat-Val failed my expectations. Mille-fuille as I know it consist of many layers of crépe layered with crème in between finished off with brulee of caramelised brown sugar.. What Pat-Val had was two thick layers of pastry with two overly sweet and overly thick cream layers in between. I didn’t finish mine. The cappucino was so-so and cooled very quickly and the croissant was a little bit dry.

I wanted to hand over the mille-fuille to the manager and say I wan’t satisfied, but then again, Pat-Val is a chain outlet and the production would have been standardised.

Another thing is that, the internet access records the time you log-in and use that to gauge the amount of time you used the internet. Meaning, even if you had disconnected your laptop from the connection before time out, you are still considered using their internet connection.

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