Frank Morton

Everything was in fast motion, my camera could not keep up with all the action. My basketball team was thrashed, but I had thoroughly enjoyed it. The past day had been one of the longest, most intense and tiring 24 hours of my life. I lost my key, walked down the hill, departed for Nottingham at 0500, half a day of games, pub crawl, friend of a friend’s place, and left Nottingham for Bath at 0200 the next day. Sweet.

Frank Morton is an annual sports event where Chemical Engineering departments of universities all over UK gather for a friendly match. This year, University of Nottingham played host. The running of the games events were rather disorganised with many teams sitting around for hours doing nothing while waiting for their turn to play. Some wanted to cheer on their mates on a different event, but did not because they were unsure of when their own teams would play on next.

Anyway, it was quite a spectacular show with Manchester turning up with purple capes, Birmingham with their bright yellow shirts, and Newcastle team painted black and white and over a dozen dressed in costumes depicting cows.

After the games ended, we had a few hours of exploring the town before the closing ceremony at Gatecrashers. Birmingham emerged the overall champion. Bath won best t-shirt design and rugby and I can’t remember what else. The floor was so packed it was almost impossible to move. Reminded me of the motto on Edinburgh’s t-shirts, “We do in on packed bed with strippers.” (Note: this is something only somebody who has studied chemical engineering or similar studies would understand).

A pub crawl followed the closing ceremony. After having nearly all my energy depleted during the day, I found myself with a headache with all the loud music and smells of beer in the air. So I left halfway through and made way to a friend of a friend’s place.

My friend’s friends were so kind to serve supper. I even managed to get a couple of hours of sleep before making way back to town to catch the uni’s chartered bus back to Bath. Thanks peeps! Love you guys! I dozed into oblivion throughout the whole journey back to Bath.

I’m now at my friend’s place near town centre, waiting for the next bus home. Pre-breakfast was four bars of Kit-kat. Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich, and a steaming hot mug of coffee awaits back home. I still need to find my key or make a replacement. And I need to get started on that First Year Design Project.

Chemical Engineering rocks!


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