Saturday Night

It was 8.30pm and I was already seeing bouncers at the doors checking IDs. There were quite a bunch of noisy teenagers going about town and policemen and women doing their rounds on the streets. Saturday night in Bath. Quite happening, isn’t it? And I inadvertently dialled ‘999’ on my mobile phone and the emergency call centre actually CALLED BACK and I had to make up an impromptu story about a “friend” who had too much to drink and accidentally dialled the number. After profusely apologising on behalf of my “friend”, I was given a sharp warning not to do that again.

Anyway, I was out on a Saturday night to meet up with two of my favourite people from back in Mantin. I was tad early so I took a stroll to Sainsbury’s, wandered about the aisle, bought some pocket tissues and hit the streets again. I met a friend whom I just met a couple of weeks ago with his mates doing some break dancing and hung about five minutes to watch. I waited for another friend at McD before heading up to Westgate, a pub I suggested for the little meeting with my two favourite people from Mantin.

I was under Mr. Hitchman for about a year in my sixth form where he taught Biology. I never studied under Mrs. Hitchman, but we were familiar with each other ( the community was small where almost everybody knew each other, and I greet every other teacher I see everyday 😀 ).

As they said they were coming down to Bath, I suggested why not to Westgate (its a pub) if they wanted to have some drinks. As they served food until late, I thought it would also be a good venue for a meal. Then again, it was a Saturday night. Initially he was a little surprised that I would go to places like that. Then again, I don’t do alcohol but I do follow my friends for their rounds of socials. On weeknights the ambience is really nice for a dinner and a few rounds of drink.

I asked if they preferred somewhere quieter, and brought them to a noodle bistro down town. We had a good session of catching up with each others lives, and I got to hear names and stories of many people I’ve almost forgotten. The Hitchmans were really enjoying their retirement and who doesn’t when you live in the Mediterranean with your very own swimming pool in a beautiful house! Their love of life even extends to cycling across Europe for a total distance approximating 3500km in seven weeks (if I didn’t hear it wrong haha) last summer.

Epic people. Seriously. Epic people.

I’ll need to plan a trip to Cyprus.

Who’s with me?!


I love them both.

They. Are. AWESOME 😀


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