Remembering Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

For all my life, I have been ignorant of the debate concerning celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) birthday. Just today, I was notified that the community mosque’s Imam had advised against any form of celebration which came as a slight shock. Back in Malaysia, it was a national affair. Even the Office of Islamic Development organised forum telecasts on national telly and gave out various awards for notable achievements on 12 Rabiulawal (or a very close date to it) every year without fail.

I know Google doesn’t generate the most authentic or authoritative results, but apart from the Quran translation on my desk I only had the internet as a resource. What I needed was more of the keywords, rather than a whole context. I wanted to know what exactly do various people think and what they use in their argument to back up their stand of view.


Anyway, here’s a summary of my understanding and my views based on what I have read.

Today’s world is unlike those days, where there will be constantly pious leaders organising small gatherings to discuss religion, or simply a session of Quran reading and contemplation of its meanings. It is not just Islam, but other religions as well, that the faith of its believers are slowly being consumed by materialism and greed and what not. I see the benefit of this celebration of the Prophet’s birthday as an opportunity to sit down and spend some time reconnecting to the roots of our faith.

If you have anything to say regarding this, or simply want to express your opinions, give me a holler and click on the “Comment” button below. It will be seen, read and high probability of a reply.


2 thoughts on “Remembering Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

  1. hmm, interesting. to be honest, Malaysia’s Islamic Centre (or wtv it’s called) is unreliable. I know I’m no religious scholar but some of their arguments are wacked and overzealous. Even Muhammad (pbuh) himself told his ummah not to be extremists because we can’t live comfortably that way. I could go on and on, but that’s basically my view of the ulamas and all back at home.

    1. i’ve never been to the Islamic Centre. I don’t even know where it is xD haha. yeah, a lot of the approach is epic fail and it is true that the prophet (peace be upon him) keeps reminding his followers to keep a moderate stance on everyhing. Sometimes people focus too much on the detail, they forget the big picture. That is where most of their dakwah plans backfire.

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