Hearts All Over Sleeves

I am disappointed at the organisers as well as the people who supported the anti-valentine campaign back in Malaysia. There is no need to hype it all up with posters and forums thrashing the day. It could simply have been done by urging the mass media not to put up all the “Valentine Specials” promotion and dedications to muffle the mood of the cupid. After all, doesn’t the ruling party (which I suspect of playing a big role in this) have a rein over majority of the mass media?

By holding up heart shaped placards up in the air with the “Beware the Trap of Valentine’s Day” message smeared all over it, that is some kind of celebration, in a way. I read the news regarding this event on BBC, and I am unhappy that my homeland has been put in such a light. Malaysia isn’t an extremist country. Malaysians are cool people. It’s just that sometimes some idiots try to play smart and screw things up for everybody else.

I celebrate love everyday. With that, I wish everybody LOL!

(LOL= Lots of Love)


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