King of Anything

I’m so glad it is the weekend already. The week had started off with a bang. New exciting modules, some enthusiastic lecturers, and rehearsals for a production sometime next month have already begun. Now I’m chillin’ out in the beautiful weather, left the salmon to thaw in the sunshine on the window sill so I can cook it for lunch later.

I’ve been on time for my lectures, found halal chicken pasty on campus, hung out with a bunch of awesome peeps from a J-pop appreciation group, had sushi, brewed beer, and counted living and dead yeast cells. I learnt the basic stuff behind the picture rotating mechanism and Gaussian blur on photo editing softwares.

Had an online slumber party sometime in the middle of the week, where I ended up sleeping at 5.00am but still made it on time for the 9.15am lecture. Euphoria. But I did seem half dead throughout the day, dozed off in the library, and sustained semi-consciousness with coffee at regular intervals. Walked in to a couple of doors as well.

Was in the laundrette the other day and decided to do a little camwhoring while waiting for my duvet to dry. I had to use a chair to climb on top of the washing machine and attracted some attention while at it. I snapped the picture quickly and as soon as my laundry was done, ciao! Haha. Call it a hobby, I love doing this.


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