Goyang Kaki

My internal GPS was super efficient today and I found myself one half hour early for my departure at the coach station. Truth to be told, I made way much earlier so as not to repeat the train incident. Since it was my last day in London I thought I might as well do a little bit more sightseeing. I strolled down Buckingham Palace Road all the way to Buckingham Palace. I had some quality free time at hand anyway.

Then again, the area by the palace entrance is tourists’ favourite. I had to dodge around and between cameras and their subjects a dozen times over. Made my way to Green Park, which was just across the road and found a bench to sit on.

I simply love doing this. It amuses me to see reactions of passers-by trying to figure out what exactly this girl is doing.

On my way back to the coach station, somebody asked me for directions to the coach station. I told him I was walking towards that direction as well, and didn’t mind guiding him there. Halfway through, he pointed out my bag wasn’t properly closed and I stopped to let him close it properly. I was thanking God that the top half of my bag was filled with apples and cookies I bought from Sainsbury’s the evening before to munch on the bus. And nothing fell out, phew.

Anyway, it is good to be back in Bath. It was a three hour bus ride, but I sat at the rear end where there were three seats together. Since the bus was less than half full, I took advantage of stretching my legs and ended up snoozing halfway through the journey.

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