Of Food, Books and Friends

It was a Monday morning around 10.00am and all available desks with plug points were occupied by serious, studious looking people. I was at the British National Library, trying to get a few things done on the internet. Since nowhere else was available, I settled for a spot right next to a disabled’s toilet on the second floor simply to be able to plug in my computer to a power point. I had a modest breakfast at “The Last Word” cafe by Peyton and Byrne just outside the library main building. For £2.50 I had a Cappucino and a Hazelnut and Chocolate bun.

At around noon, I met up with an old friend of mine. Took her to Notting Hill and walked down Portobello Street. She’s been living in Paddington for several months that was the first time she’s been there. HAHA. Man, Portobello is like my favourite place in London. I just love strolling around the area (during the day, that is) on a fair weather. Not to mention the ever famous Hummingbird Bakery has a branch there as well.

I thought I saw the most peculiar key shop ever and the most number of neon coloured placards pasted on a vehicle ever in my life. Eye catching.

We had late lunch at Makan down the end of Portobello Road. I had the usual rice, curry and spinach combo for £5.20 and my friend tried the Nasi Lemak (£6.00). The rendang was soooo goooooooodddd and the ‘fat’ rice was well made. Motto of my life – Laugh, Love, Eat and be Merry!

We travelled a leisure pace towards Hyde Park and found this notice on somebody’s window sill. After a short while of enjoying the good weather and tried to befriend some squirrels (my squirrel whispering skills are almost perfect, muahahaha) we went back to her place for tea and chocolates.

I feel so happy to see her again after so long. We used to be roommates back in Mantin, and I never fail to annoy her with my waking up alarm (there was the Naruto soundtrack, early morning ‘motivational’ talks, et cetera). She loves tea and stashes a treasure trove of chocolates under her bed, until today.

Thank you for the company my friend. Good times, good times.


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